Shopify Speed Optimization Service

Who doesn’t want a faster and lighter site to make the user experience better. We provide optimization services for Shopify stores and committed to present you with a very optimized service for a higher turnover.

We guarantee a faster and lighter site by making necessary changes after a thorough analysis of your store. 

We’re a collective of Shopify Experts focused on making your store faster and more profitable.


The faster any website gets, the more user engagement it attracts and hence more money it earns. Shopify does exactly that for premium user experience.


Shopify’s extra speedy websiteshelp working up the algorithms and hence garner highGoogle rankings, effortlessly.


An improvement of just 2 seconds in loading speedbrings 3% increase in revenue, imagine what the ultra-light Shopify stores can bring.


Higher loading speed translates into lower bounce rate, higher customer engagement and quicker cart checkout for increased user conversion rate.


Higher speed, clean interface and efficient navigation invites more page views per visit and an inherently increased organic traffic for your store.


Attractive website + faster speed + more traffic + more engagement is the equation to attract more customers and more profits.

Shopify Optimization Services

  • Lazy Loading
    Load images as they scroll into view, instead of all at once on page load. This decreases the weight of your initially loaded page, and Google likes that.
  • Image Optimization
    Image compression (we configure an image optimization app to auto-compress most images site-wide, then for any that apps can't reach we manually compress up to 10 images and show you how to find / compress any others) + serve correct scaled image sizes in Liquid + check file type usage (PNG vs JPG) to ensure minimal file size loaded.
  • Minify CSS & JS
    Minify scripts and stylesheets when possible. Identify 3rd party scripts/css that can be minified.
  • Reports
    We deliver a report with Optimizations Performed, before/after screenshots to show speed and weight metrics, code snippets for future use if applicable, additional notes we find during site analysis.
  • Guaranteed Lighter/Faster Site
  • Everything in Basic
  • Fix Console Error & Analysis
    Console Error can break functionality, slow down a site, or indicate unnecessary resources. If you have multiple errors, we can provide a quote to fix them all.
  • App Analysis / Optimization
    We analyze and compare loaded resources vs apps, remove old app code if present, and identify your largest resources contributing to page weight / speed.
  • Preloading
    We configure resource hints to help improve page-to-page site navigation speed.
  • Guaranteed Lighter/Faster Site
  • All Basic + Standard Included
  • Image Scaling
    Prevent oversized images by scaling them according to the viewer's device size. We implement responsive scaling for above the fold images on all templates (below the fold images should be lazy loaded).
  • Minimize Redirect
    Minify scripts and stylesheets when possible. Identify 3rd party scripts/css that can be minified.
  • AMP Setup
    We deliver a report with Optimizations Performed, before/after screenshots to show speed and weight metrics, code snippets for future use if applicable, additional notes we find during site analysis.
  • Guaranteed Lighter/Faster Site
We have analyzed some important factors!
A fast-loading site is critical for keeping your users on the site. 38% of visitors bounce when your site takes five seconds to load, harming conversions and revenue.

Image Optimization

Image compression strips unnecessary meta data, uses algorithms to combine data and similar patterns, and can reduce the total amount of colors needed. Good compression reduce the size of your image files with no noticable difference in quality or color.

Defer Parsing Of Javascript

If you have a script that’s not important for critical page load, you can either move it to the bottom of the page (defer), or load it asynchronously so the key elements of the page can load faster and display to the user.

Reduce server requests

Reducing the number of files loaded on your page makes your page load faster. There are 2 key factors here for Shopify sites: 1. Lazy loading, 2. App issues

File minification

CSS and JavaScript are text files written in code that control the styling and behavior on your site. Minifying these files compresseses them by removing extra characters like spaces and comments, shortening variable names, and combining common styles.

Fix server errors

Some errors are harmless, some can drastically reduce your load speed. These are usually caused by broken code or old app code loading. When you uninstall an app from Shopify, it doesn’t always remove all the app code from your theme – we regularly find old app code still loading on the sites.

Browser Cache

Page speed with browser caching is an important factor for higher Google ranking and we use special technique which notify browsers about files change patterns e.g. every month, every week, etc. This avoids unnecessary browser caching and hence fasten up your Shopify website.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is a performance optimization technique that loads images as the user scrolls down the page, instead of during the initial page load. It’s also known as “defer offscreen images” in some tools.


We merge alluploaded images with image sprites tolowerpicture size and cancel out extra space used by repetitive imagesfor better page loading time.

Removal Of Unused Code

Junking out unwanted codes surely saves bytes worth of space on server and minimizes the bandwidth used on every page load for optimum and error-free functioning.

We always stay with our clients and respect their business. We deliver 100% and provide instant response to help them succeed in constantly changing and challenging business world.

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Frequently Ask Question

We requested access to the theme of your store through Shopify partner dashboard. Grant access and we'll get to work on a preview theme.

If you purchase task credits and your initial task is refused, you can use your credit on another task or receive a full refund of your purchase price.

Yes. We have considerable experience working with client websites and everything is tested prior to implementation.

Yes. You can keep all your apps installed but you could also see an improvement if you uninstall some of them. I will inform you which apps slow down your store, free of charge.

No. We create a copy of your theme and work in preview mode, so there’s no downtime. And again, everything is tested prior to implementation.

Yes! Your website will look exactly the same. We won’t sacrifice user experience for a speed gain.

Absolutely. We focus on mobile speed first. Google does, so we should too.

The process should take no longer than 1 week.

We provide two weeks of support after the implementations are completed. If you notice anything different, we’ll fix it right away.

Speed scores on all of the popular performance tools will vary each time you run them. This variability can be due to a number of factors. Your server response time at that specific moment could be longer or shorter depending on how heavy the load is on the server. Loading third-party resources, such as ads or tracking snippets can also affect your speed since you have to wait on those servers to respond as well.

The best way to determine the speed of your site is by an average. Running the tool 3 or more times and finding the average is the best way to determine your page speed.